About us
   iCodsi SL is a young company made up of a multidisciplinary group of people, who allow us to cover all the stages in the development of a software project and who at a certain moment, decide to combine their efforts to put all the experience acquired at the service of our clients. for several years in the development of large-scale projects and their implementation on the internet.

      iCodsi SL has designers who have worked in important companies specialized in this medium, with experts in computer security capable of identifying a priori possible security problems in the developments that are carried out, with computer engineers with a marked discipline in the design of applications and that allows us to face any project with full guarantee and with highly experienced project managers who are able to make the efforts of all these professionals work in a coordinated way in an intelligent way, to achieve a common objective, which is none other than development. reliable, effective and safe on the internet.